Pictures, etc. from Places

Paris, France Pictures Info

Vienna, Austria Pictures

Istanbul, Turkey Pictures
Fethiye, Turkey Pictures
Pamakule, Turkey Pictures
Selcuk, Turkey Pictures

Marrakesh, Morocco Pictures
Tangier, Morocco Pictures
Volubilis, Morocco Pictures
Rabat, Morocco Pictures
Meknes, Morocco Pictures
Fes, Morocco Pictures

Kyoto, Japan Pictures
Nara, Japan Pictures
Himeji, Japan Pictures
Inuama, Japan Pictures
Nagoya, Japan Pictures
Misc, Japan Pictures

Geongju, Korea Pictures
Seoul, Korea Pictures

Buenos Aires, Argentina Pictures

Brussels, Belgium Pictures

Athens, Greece Pictures
Delphi, Greece Pictures

Stockholm, Sweden Pictures

Amsterdam, Netherlands Pictures

Cairo, Egypt Pictures
Luxor (West Bank), Egypt Pictures
Luxor (East Bank), Egypt Pictures

Palmyra, Syria Pictures
Aleppo, Syria Pictures
Damascus, Syria Pictures
Hama, Syria Pictures

Rome, Italy Pictures
Venice, Italy Pictures
Naples, Italy Pictures
Paestum, Italy Pictures
Taormina, (Sicily) Italy Pictures
Agrigento, (Sicily) Italy Pictures
Siracuse, (Sicily) Italy Pictures
Noto, (Sicily) Italy Pictures
Palermo, (Sicily) Italy Pictures

Gozo, Malta Pictures
Malta, Malta Pictures

Prague, Czech Republic Pictures
Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic Pictures
Kutna Hora, Czech Republic Pictures

Barcelona, Spain Pictures
Montserrat, Spain Pictures
Madrid, Spain Pictures
Toledo, Spain Pictures

Munich, Germany Pictures
Berlin, Germany Pictures

Tunis, Tunisia Pictures

Gibraltar, UK - not Spain Pictures
Cambridge, England Pictures
Oxford, England Pictures
Malvern, England Pictures
Worcester, England Pictures
Birmingham, England Pictures
Bakewell, England Pictures
London, England Pictures

Walking has been an itegral part of the photographic process. It has taken years of refinement for me to be able to walk correctly and efficiently. You too can learn how to in my Perambulation Tutorial here.

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