Some Pictures from Brussels, Belgium

    Belgium is generally considered uninteresting, but it is not very.

    In actual fact, Brussels has a lot of stuff, though none of the big ticked tourist draws to bring in the punters. Give it an Eiffel Tower or a Tower of Piza, and those middle aged american tourists would flock in.

    Belgians are very good at making beer, but not so good at telling everyone about it (this may be a deliberate ploy, I suspect) I like Kreik (?)

Belgian big military thing.

    Some sort of military festival was going on. It was very involved, and involved Belgian royalty (I think)


 The Museum Complex houses a load of museums, including the two below.
 Museé Militaire this is the best military museum I've ever been to.
 Autoworld this is full of cars

 There is a Musee d'Art Modern and a Musee des beaux Arts, but I didn't have time.


 Other Curches


 Mannequin Pis just imagine having to market Brussels to foreigners on the back of a pissing statue.

Other Stuff

 Grand Place
 European Instruments of Government
 Real Other Stuff

Airport Sunset Baloo

A quick intro to the city is here, if you want it. (attitude alert!)

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