Stockholm, Sweden

    Stockholm, gravyland. A lot of people don't go to Sweden because it is mostly cold and wet and expensive. It's all lies.

    The Af Chapman ship / boat (?) is part of a youth hostel, and nice. It looks better at night.

    Day trips are nice. Whilst waiting on a boat to take me on one, some bloke swapped some of my Evian water for a can of heinekn. I tried to be polite, but he insisted. So I left it in the airport lounge later. Drottingholm is the Royal residence and is a short boat ride away. Mariefred is a long boat ride, so I took the train.

    Stockholm is the strangest sort of city. It is more of a town spread accross some islands, with lots of trees.

    And there were a load of tribute bands such as Fan Valen (?) with David F**KI*G Lee Roth tee-shirt. And Waterloo (Abba) and Blues Brothers and several others including a band called "slut" which was scheduled to play every day, but never turned up. It is probably really cool. The whole thing was part of some devious scheme to attract Rich American Tourists, I believe.

Swedes like their boats. And their islands.


    This is the closest I came to a cat. Painted on the side of the Stockholm Cat Rescue.

    This is the closest I came to a fish. 

    This is the closest I came to Dave F*****G Lee - Roth. I prefer Whitesnake. Marginally.

    It's only wet when it is raining.

These pictures free for non commercial private perusal. ┬ęcip, 2001

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