Some Pictures from Berlin, Germany

The first time I went to Berlin, it was the middle of winter & really really cold. This was partly because I didn't have proper clothing (coat etc.) and partly becase it was really cold. Kylie Minogue couldn't get herself out of my head & I couldn't stop wondering why Adolf & his mates decided to go _further_ east with their guns & stuff. Personally, I would have concentrated on the medditeranean region, with its mild winters and warm summers, which just goes to show.

And the thing to drink is Berliner Weisse. Which comes Mit rot, or mit groeun (green?) or whatever. Anyway, it's beer with some stuff added. And it is very nice

Berlin has something to do with bears. They are all over the place. Ho Ho, here come the bears.

The main Cathedral is the Dom


 Potsdamerplatz - Modern City

 Potsdam - Nearby stuff stuffed place.

 Tacheles - Art Place


 Museum Stuff Berlin has lots of museums.

 Brandenburg Gate


Ich bin ein auslander!

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