Some Pictures from Tunis, Tunisia, the land of tuna

    So are the people who live in the Land of Tuna called Tunes or Tunics?

Cats seeking to emigrate to Tunisia should consider the poor living conditions in the main conurbations. Life in the city is not one long tuna sandwich, as you can see.

    The main reason I went to tunisia was cheap air tickets. Apparently, February is in the "off" season. In fact the weather was like summertime in the U.K.  very nice.
    Tunisians have a particular attitude to paying for travel. On gets into the bus / louage and sit down. One then pays later, but before you arrive at your destination. I assume one doesn't pay on entry in case you don't go anywhere, and one pays before arrival because after on has arrived, there isn't a whole lot of point paying anymore. Clean the window by your seat before setting off so you can take photos in transit.

    I took a Day Trip to Dougga which was definitely worth while.

    Carthage is a 10 minute train ride.

    The Bardo museum is a de rigeur tourist stop.

    The national museum is also interesting. (but not as interesting as the cats that live there)

    They've got this drink called cidre. Only it is not cider. It is a sort of fizzy caramelized sugary drink. Quite nice, if you can find a good vintage.

    Some general Tunis pictures are  here.

    Some general text stuff on Tunisia is here.

These pictures free for non commercial private perusal. ┬ęcip, 2000

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