Some Pictures from Munich (Munchen), Germany

    I was quite apprehensive about visiting the city of Munchie by myself since I don't speak German. Rather, I knew how to say "Ich spreche kine deutsch", which is a bit like saying "I don't have a tongue". It certainly confused the old couple who tried to sell me a dodgy metro ticket.
    On arrival, I found that I had accidentally booked myself into a rather expensive luxury hotel, which was nice. They really ought to inflate their prices a bit more to ensure that riff-raff like me don't get the wrong idea about things. They also had a cunning strategy whereby the cost of the breakfast is included in the room rate, but they then fail to mention it anywhere. So there was I, surviving for the first two days on a single chocolate covered banana on a stick, when I could have been stuffing myself on posh breakfasts.

    Munich has really got some very good museums and Art galleries. (free on sundays) One could spend a long time there.

 Residenz - Monster Palace
 Marienplatz - Central Square
 Asamkirsche - Wierd Church
 Alte Pinakothek - Old Masters gallery
 Neue Pinakothek - More Modern Art
 Deutsches Museum - Science Museum
 K√∂nigsplatz - Romanesque square with museums

    The weather was terrible. Most of the time it was cold windy and wet. If it was like that all the time, people would probably all move elsewhere. Munchies (the people who lie in Munich) have all got umbrellas and are pass-masters in the art of walking down the street without bashing into each other. On my last day there, it started to snow, which was really nice. The Munchies drinking warm punchies were dead picturesque. With snow on the ground, the city of  Munchie is cool.

    I had to change my attitude towards doors during my stay. Often doors which you are supposed to use are normally shut. You actually have to open them yourself. Even the front door to the "Hitler's sausage" museum was shut and you'd have to know it was open before trying the intimidating door. Munchies like to have big doors on their public buildings. Don't expect a big sign saying "OPEN. THIS WAY YOU DUMB TOURIST" or "TRY THE DOOR, MORON"

    The trucks used for pushing aircraft around the airport looked like cartman.

These pictures free for non commercial private perusal. ©cip, 1999

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