Cats: Four Legs and a Tail
or (The Semiotics of Feline Photography in the Age of New Media)
or (Neo Feline Enlightenment as a change from Post Canine dogma)

I've decided that there is no point in just another site with cat pictures, no matter how cool. One needs an encompasing vision to take one's mediocre imagery to the level of proper Art. So this site is no longer a set of images, rather an exploration of discovery into the psyche of some really wired felines...

Of course, such a prestigious project requires appropriate Titleage. It is best to purchase titles for such things from experts that think them up all day and understand what that stuff is all about. One often finds that the same expert can also provide an enhanced retroactive rationalisation of what one has already done. The relative cost of these services depend on the degree of scrutiny that they must withstand and the plausability that the basic premise could become Art through conventional processes. I consider my money well spent.

In rolling ones own, one risks ridicule, caught on the barbed wit of any passing Art cognoscenti.

Of course, you can just ignore all that stuff, and just look at the photos, but realise that this is now so much *more*.

These are pictures of more or less random cats which I have seen wandering around. They all gave their informed consent to be photographed. In some cases an unsolicited nutritional enticement was provided to improve a subjects attitude.

The stars correspond to photo quality, rather than how cool the cat is.

My "How to take a half decent photo of a Cat", tutorial - the product of my meagre experience, is here, if you want an educational experience.

A Cat from Malvern (with attitude) (*) (this was the first cat of many)

Cats from Montevideo (cats that like watching TV on the top of a hill) (****)

Cats from Buenos Aires (Don't cry for us cats) (****)

Cats from Syria (Terror Cats) (****)

Cats from Beirut (Terrified Cats) (***)

Loads of Cats from Istanbul (extremely tolerant cats) (*****)

Loads of Cats from Ephesus (working the tourists for treats) (*****)

Loads of Cats from Fethiye (all sorts of cats) (****)

Cats from Romania (save us from the stray dogs!) (***)

Roman Cats (Ecce, in pictura est Cattus? (non solum, sed etiam)) (*****)

Kyoto Cats (To-Ji) (Neko) (****)

Venetian Cats (There aren't too many cats in Venice, but they are ve-nice) (****)

Naples Cats (hostel) (***)

Sicily Cats (Mafia Cats (sleeping with zee fishes)) (****)

Greek Cats (Greek cats don't like spam) (*****)

Maltese Cats (aka Malteesers!) (*****)

Cairo Cats AND Luxor Cats (Mummy cats) (****)

Indeterminate Kittens (Schrodinger's Kittens) (*)

Conwy Cat (Savage Cat from Wales !) (***)

Cambridge Cat (Rolling around on Wittgenstein's grave) (****)

Flat Face (the Cat with the flat face !) (****)

Worcester Cathedral Cats (religious cats !) (*****)

A Cat Cabal from Tunisia (a feline frenzy) (*****)

Cats from Amsterdam Cat Island (it's an island with cats on it) (****)

Construction Cats from Amsterdam (mostly not on their construction site) (***)

Amsterdam Pub Cat (Too early for a drink) (****)

Cat from Haarlem (Haarlem not Harlem, Holland that is) (*****)

Cats from Madrid (hot cats) (***)

Cats from Toledo (more hot cats) (***)

Potsdam Cat (Finding a cat in Germany is harder than finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq) (***)

Czech Cat (Assorted Czech Cats) (***)

Cats from a Paris Cemetery (cats that eat rats that eat worms that eat people) (*****) (you can't fool worms)

Random Parisian Cats (we don't speak your language) (***)

Oci Cat (ocicat cat, that likes to chase squirrels) (*****)

A Cat called B (named after Beardsley, the Artist) (**)

Fat Cat (the Cat that looks like a stone) (**)

Stranger Cat (a stranger Cat) (****)

Another Cat from Malvern (wise cat) (***)

Yet Another Cat from Malvern (that sometimes forgets where it is, apparently) (***)

A Cat from Bristol (with fur) (*)

Bristol Kittens (kit city) (***)

A Trio of Cats from Bakewell (...) (***)

A Black Cat from Bakewell (or an astronomic anomalie ?) (***)

A Squirrel (honorary cat) (****)

Some Cat Links are HERE

Someone asked me if I had any pictures of dogs. Unfortunately, only a few here. Cats are totally different animals to dogs. Cats are sufficiently stupid to be able to mostly ignore people, whereas dogs are totally reliant on people - how many times do you have to go and fetch a stick before you fail to see the point? Here is a picture of a dog wishing he was a cat, probably.

These pictures free for non commercial private perusal. ┬ęcip, 1999 - 2003

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