Cats from Istanbul

    My short stay in Istanbul was a veritable orgy of continuous frame advance, with my camera usually pointed in the general direction of a cat or two.

Cats from the Archaeology Museum (mostly fat cats) (****)

A Cat on A Table (being hassled by a dog) (*****)

Fatih Camii Cats (Cat city) (****)

The Cat in The Hat(really sad) (****)

The Cat in Sehzade (with a fine appreciation of camera bags) (***)

Laleli Camii Cats (kitz!)(****)

Aya Sofia Cats (street cats around Aya Sofia) (***)

Aya Sofia Family (a feline family near Aya Sofia) (*****)

Topkapi Cats (palace cats)(*****)

Sarachane Cats (we will do anything for tuna steaks, almost) (***)

Fat Cat that Lives in my Hotel (big fat & content) (*****)

Market Cats (free fish snacks) (****)

Random Cats (who nows were they come frum) (****)

These pictures free for non commercial private perusal. ┬ęcip, 2000,2004

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