Sicilian Cats

In many ways Sicily has lagged behind the rest of Italy. I think it started when the Romans used the place to grow stuff for the rest of the empire. To do that effectively, the locals were controlled to make an efficient farming system. Since then there have been subversive elements, and by some tortuous logic I've forgotten, we get to the current Mafia situation. So what has that to do with cats, you ask? Well, with the large european grants for cat welfare being diverted into the pockets of certain unscrupulous people, the cat population of the island is left destitute, to fend for itself with no decent modern facilities. It is a total traversty and will only result in Feline resentment on a wide scale.

Cats from Palermo.

Cats from Agriento

Cats from Taormina

Kitz from Taormina

These pictures free for non commercial private perusal. ┬ęcip, 2003

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