Dogs: Woof Woof Woof

    Dogs are way more difficult to photograph than cats. That's because the photographer has a lot of work to do to turn a usually dull, boring and stupid subject into something else. The cats are here Go fetch!.

    Maybe I've just been meeting all the wrong dogs.

    The stars correspond to photo quality, rather than how cool the dog is. That's lucky, because my keyboard doesn't have half and quarter stars ;-)

Romanian Dogs (We're eveywhere) (****)

Greek Dogs (greek dogs loaf) (***)

Parisian Dogs (yikes!) (**)

Gozo Dogs (um...) (**)

Uruguay Dogs (They may be hairy guys, but from Colonia, they smell nice) (***)

Venice Dogs (Venice dogs are Ve-nice.) (***)

Ostia Antica (Rome) Dogs (**)

Other Italian Dogs (woof) (**)

Argentinian Dogs (uh...) (**)

Malvern Dogs (blah blah blah) (**)

These pictures free for non commercial private perusal. ┬ęcip, 2002, 2005

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