Some Links

3D Stuff
   Povray Excellent, free 3D Raytracing application.

   PovBench Modeler
   PVM patch for POV-Ray Parallel Virtual Machine for Povray
   Joerg Schrammel's Home
   Pile Homepage Povray Stuff

   VRML Tutorial: VRML stuff

    Debian Top Linux distribution. Loads of packages.
    RedHat Quite commercially orientated Linux distribution. includes stable SPARC distibution.
    BTTV Frame Grabber / TV.
    The Linux HOWTO Index howtodostufftodowithlinux
    VNC Cool, multi-platform Remote Access (WindowsNT, Linux etc.) Sort of like X Windows but without client state.
    Linux Online General Linux Stuff
    Linux UK Linux Stuff. Cool Linux news etc.

Programming Stuff

BSD - generally available for more platforms than Linux
    OpenBSD focus on security / cryptography.

    Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics

Top Music
    The Cassandra Complex
    Sisters Of Mercy
    Classical Music Midi Archive

Search Engines
     FTP  FTP Events
     Events  Euro Events

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