All we ever wanted
 Antonin Artaud
 Bela Lugosi
 Dark Entries
 Double Dare
 Exquisite Corpse
 Flat Field
 A God in an Alcove
 Hair of the Dog
 Hollow Hills
 Honeymoon Croon
 In Fear of Fear
 In the Night
 Kick in the Eye
 King Volcano
 The Man with X-ray Eyes
 Muscle in Plastic
 Of Lillies and Remains
 The Passion of Lovers
 Sanity Assassin
 She's in Parties
 Silent Hedges
 Slice of Life
 Small Talk Stinks
 Spy in the Cab
 Stigmata Martyr
 St. Vitus Dance
 Swing the Heartache
 Telegram Sam
 Terror Couple Kill Colonel
 Third Uncle
 The Three Shadows part 2
 The Three Shadows part 3
 Who Killed Mr Moonlight
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